How to playthe game

Three simple but fast paced games to show you how to stop spreading COVID-19 and beat the virus! You can play again and again to try to improve your score.

British Sign Language

International Sign


Game 1: Don't touch your face​

Tap or click on the children’s hands to keep them away from their faces. Learn not to touch your face. If the virus is on your hands then touching your eyes, nose or mouth could make you ill.

Game 2: Wash your hands

Swipe to move your hands to correctly wash them and remove the virus. Washing your hands more with soap and water will keep the virus off them, and will stop it spreading and making you ill.

Game 3: Keep your distance

Tap or click to move your shopping trolley forward, avoiding people and trolleys, to arrive at the exit. When you go out, keep your distance from other people if you don’t live with them, to stop the virus spreading from person to person.